Brooklyn Shooting

Brooklyn shooting:  A Gunman wearing gas mask filled a crowded sab way car with thick black smoke from a canister and opened fire on morning rush- hour passengers, injuring more than 20, including 10 with gunshot wounds.

A manhunt was underway on Tuesday after the shooters fled the scene. A 9 mm semi automatic handgun and extended magazines, a hatchet, a black garbage can, detonated and undetonated smoke granades and key to a U Haul van were also found at the scene, authorities said. Officers located the vehicles, which will be examined by a bomb squad.  Brooklyn shooting 

Injured passengers suffered from bullet bounds, smoke inhalation and the physical effect of panic. Nobody was reported to be life threatening condition.

US President on Tuesday afternoon:” we have not getting up until we find the perpetrator.”. He thanked professional first responder and civilian who rushed to help their fellow traveler amid the panic.

US president spoke at an event lowa as the New York Mayor,  Eric Adams, indicated the authorities bar getting ready to share the identity of the government who was still at large.

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