Gilbert Gottfried Died 2022

Gilbert Gottfried Died 2022 : Comedian Gilbert Gottfried passed away at age of 67. Anybody can’t believe this heart breaking news but a post on his verified social media feed says that he died a long illness.Gilbert Gottfried Died

Gilbert Gottfried 

Gottfried, who had mean living in South Florida for the past of few years, made a name for himself with his piercing voice and often crude humour.

Gilbert died from recurrent venticular techycardia  due to myotonic dystrophy type II .  This is disorder that affects the heart, according to a statement by his publicist and long time friend  Glenn Schwartz to the Associated press.

Gilbert Gottfried Work

There was  always a glint in his eye when Gottfried was just  about to tell an edgy joke, for example this one from his just for Laughs set in 2015 ‘ Let me tell you when I was a little boy if my father brought me a baseball I would’ve made out with him—  and i don’t  want to tell you what I would’ve done for GI Joe”

Whether it was natural disaster or terrorist attack, the phase to soon ”  was never a past of his vocabulary as Gottfried told NPR in 2011.

Gottfried was also an actor, including lending his unique voice to Disney’s Aladdin.

His family described Gottfried as the ” Most iconic voice in comedy, and said he was ” Wonderful husband, brother, friend and father to his two young children.

The Brooklyn born stand up comedian had been a fixture of the New York comedy club scene in the 1970, But his chance to catapult in to the main stream in 1980, When he joined the Cast of NBC ” Saturday night live for his six season.

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