The flash actor Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii on orderly conduct and harassment charges

‘Justice League’ actor Ezra Miller became agitated when patrons started to sing karaoke at a bar in in Hilo, Hawaii, Bhojpuri Sunday night and he grabbed the microphone from a 23 year old, police said in his statement.

The flash actor Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii

Actor Ezra Miller who plays Flash in the ‘Justice League’ series was arrested in Hawaii over the weekend and charged with disorderly conduct and also harassment after becoming unruly at a bar as per the police statement.

Ezra Miller aged 29, was arrested shortly after midnight Monday when petrol officers responded to a report of a disorderly petrol at a bar on Silver Street in Hilo late Sunday, as the Huawei country police department said.

Miller became agitated and ‘began yelling obscenities’ while patron’s at the bar sang karaoke according to the police department.

Ezra Miller at one point grabbed the microphone from a 23 year old woman who was singing. Miller also launched at 32 year old man who was playing darts according to police.

As the bar owner said, he tried to calm Miller down several times but no result, police said.

Miller whom police described as visiting from Vermont, was arrested and later released after posting a bail of $500. 

Well, this is not Ezra Miller’s first brush with controversy.

The flash actor Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii

In 2020, a video surfaced online appearing to show a woman being choked in a bar in Iceland and footage was linked to Miller though police did not confirm that was Miller’s involvement at the time. The police said at that time no one was arrested or placed in custody in connection with the alleged incident and that officials were not aware of any injuries to those involved in the matter.

Also, ‘Justice League’ actor Miller is known for the 2012 film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. Actor Ezra Miller stars in the series’ latest film “Fantastic Beasts: The secrets of Dumbledore” which is about to be released in April.


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