Kim Jong Un call for party discipline

Kim Jong Un call for party discipline, Warns of ‘stern’ penalties

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un ordered official to weed out corruption and abuses of power state media reported Monday calling for party discipline is the country battles a covid-19 outbreak and economic woes.

As a meeting of the ruling workers party of Korea held Sunday came and top officials discuss the need for firmly preserving discipline while fighting unsound and non revolutionary act including the abuse of power and bureaucratism Korean Central news agency reported.


Impressed for boosting the ruling parties monolithic leadership and demanded Stern penalty system to be imposed against officials who violated violet the rules.

The remarks many signal and effort from Kim to consolidate political power and round public support COVID-19 outbreak that is shaking a precarious economy according to some observer.


The meeting appear to be intended to first strength control over the party South Korea unification ministry spokes person to June told reporters according to new agency .

North koriya leader has blamed health official for Miss handling the countries COVID-19 response and in recent year has publicly real against issue such as economic miss management and anti socialist activity.

While the country faces domestic struggles the resign as focus regret deal of resources on ramping up its elicit weapons program.

North Korea launched several rounds of artillery into the sea South Korean joint chief office staff reported.

kim 1 At the end of the day three day political conference last week came speech defending North Korea right to self defence and said the current security environment of the country is very serious.

This urgently calls upon the DPRK attend the goal of bolstering the National defence capabilities as soon as possible Kim said.

Official in Seoul and Washington have warned for several weeks that Pyongyang  is poised to conduct a nuclear weapons test anytime.


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