Latest Covid-19 Updates

"Delta and Omicron may damage the world again" says WHO.

Covid-19 cases are decreasing in India but in China, lockdown is imposed again.

So, WHO's warning may be proved right for India. So it's time to be careful.

World Health Organization has said that a new variant which is a mutation of Delta and Omicron may create havoc in the World.

China has imposed complete lockdown in Changchun city, having 90 Lakhs population, amid increasing cases of Covid-19.

WHO in a study said that this is a new mutation of Delta and Omicron and is very dangerous.

This new mutation is very infectious and very lethal and is spreading from January 2022.

"This new mutation named "Deltacron" was actually a result of sequencing process so there is no need to worry" said by WHO. 


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