Karine jean-pierre will become the first black White House press secretary.

President Biden has named Karine Jeans Pierre as his second White House press secretary, replacing Jen Psaki.

Jean Pierre will be the first black press secretary in White House history and the first openly gay person in the high profile role.

Karine not only brings the experience, talent and integrity neede for this difficult Jobs.

Jean Pierre come to the Biden team from the progressive organization Moveon.org, where she was a top communication staffer.

Jeans- Pierre has already led several White House press briefing, including when Psaki was out with COVID.

In one briefing on Air Force one, she accidentally suggested the U.S favored admitting Ukraine to Nato, before quickly walking it back upon landing.

Psaki is widely expected to take a job at MSNBC when she leaves her last day is scheduled for may 13.

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