The Quarry released this week, is obviuosly a throwback to a specific kind of slasher horror.

The slasher horror has waxed and waned in popularity since 1978's Halloween.

It is also a throwback to an older kind of play, too.

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Like so many horror flicks, The Querry opens with a car on a highway, winding through deep woods.

Ariana Grande warbles in the background.

A young couple, who the horror literate viewer suspects are ripe for butchering, have  set a course for Hackett's Quarry.

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A crash, an ear whispering ghost, and a creepy cop ensure they are not going to make it.

The Quarry is not a film, and there is a gameplay in the traditional sense.

So, The Quarry lets you experience whats's great about slasher films.

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