Top 10 Affordable Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Tether: It is the most stable coin in the list. So it could be the first choice.

 VeChain: It is the most affordable cryptocurrency in present time.

Polygon: It's main component is Polygon SDK. It is a modular and flexible framework.

Dogecoin: It is Meme token and is very popular crypto. Dogecoin is the first choice of Elon Musk.

Cardano: It is a proof-of-stake Blockchain which is a open source project.

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XRP: It is an Open Source Cryptocurrency which uses distributed ledger facility.

Lucky Block: It is a new cryptocurrency which uses blockchain protocol. 

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EOS: It helps developers  to make decentralized application.

Shiba Inu: Just like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu also immersed as a top cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity: It is a trading and battleing game based on Blockchain. It has achieved a massive growth in short time.