Top 10 Cybersecurity Unicorns In Digital Protection

Top 10 Cybersecurity Unicorns in Digital Protection: Implementing cybersecurity systems and tools has become a top priority of businesses. Even their customers are often expressing their desire for better security procedures to be implemented. However, it is not always easy to implement technology quickly. Cybersecurity unicorns are being minted at a faster rate than ever before, and US$1B+ valuations are coming through even larger funding rounds. Experts believe the trend is a result of speculative strategies while others believe it reflects the growing importance of cybersecurity. This article features the top 10 cybersecurity unicorns spearheading digital protection.

cybersecurity unicorns for digital protection


Founded: 2014

Valuation: US$8.3 billion (November 2021)

Lacework offers a cloud security platform that excels at collecting, processing, and normalizing data across cloud environments. Central to Lacework’s technology is the Polygraph Data Platform, which collects and correlates data in cloud environments, detects potential security issues, and prioritizes the biggest threats for a response. Key capabilities include anomaly detection powered by machine learning, as well as deep visibility across cloud and container workloads. It is one of the best cybersecurity unicorns spearheading digital protection.


Founded: 2015

Valuation: US$8.5 billion (September 2021)

Snyk specializes in offering cybersecurity tools for scanning and fixing code. Snyk is now expanding its offerings to include cloud security, with the recent acquisition of Fugue. By combining with Fugue’s cloud security posture management technology, the Snyk platform will be able to provide developers with “continuity from their code to the cloud deployments.”


Founded: 2020


Valuation: US$6 billion (October 2021)

Wiz offers a cloud security product that unifies a number of different capabilities, deploys quickly, provides broad visibility, and enables customers to prioritize threats. Wiz works by implementing a security graph, allowing for the correlation of the many different signals in cloud environments — prioritizing the risks “very effectively across even the largest environments.

Arctic Wolf

Founded: 2012

Valuation: US$4.3 billion (July 2021)

Arctic Wolf’s security operations platform — offers a full gamut of security solutions, paired with the ability to ingest security data from a customer’s existing tools. The platform includes 24/7 monitoring of endpoints, networks, and clouds; detection of threats; and response and recovery if a cyberattack occurs. The MDR service is provided by a concierge security team that serves to eradicate false positives and alert fatigue.


Founded: 2013

Valuation: US$2.75 billion (June 2021)

Illumio offers zero-trust segmentation solutions for both datacenter and cloud environments, which enable isolation of attackers post-breach. With the Illumio zero-trust segmentation solution, a customer’s cloud and datacenter environments can be broken down into different segments — all the way down to the level of workload — which can each be locked down with their own security controls. It is one of the best cybersecurity unicorns spearheading digital protection.


Founded: 2013

Valuation: US$2.5 billion (December 2021)

Container and cloud security vendor Sysdig offers a security platform that offers more in-depth visibility and better prioritization of threats than other vendors. Sysdig’s platform offers capabilities spanning cloud-native application development security, detection and response to runtime threats, and management of configurations and permissions.

Orca Security

Founded: 2019

Valuation: US$1.8 billion (October 2021)

Orca Security offers a cloud protection platform that unites several different tools and doesn’t require an agent, simplifying and expediting the deployment of the platform. Using Orca’s “SideScanning” technology that collects data from cloud environments, the platform provides full visibility of cloud environments and connects the dots in security alert data to enable risk prioritization. Key capabilities include solutions for managing cloud vulnerabilities; spotting misconfigurations in cloud accounts and workloads; and detecting malware and lateral movement in cloud environments.

Beyond Identity

Founded: 2020

Valuation: US$1.1 billion (February 2022)

Beyond Identity has developed a solution for multifactor authentication (MFA) that’s focused on “cutting out the friction — making it truly invisible to a user, or a company, that they’ve turned on MFA. A key element is that the MFA solution is passwordless, accomplished through cryptographically embedding a user’s identities into their devices. Beyond Identity also provides a zero-trust “risk engine” that ensures only valid users authenticate to it. It is one of the best cybersecurity unicorns spearheading digital protection.


Founded: 2017

Valuation: Substantially more than US$1 billion (February 2022)

BlueVoyant provides both internal security and external cyber risk management for customers. The company’s managed detection and response (MDR) offering stands out with capabilities for analyzing massive amounts of data as part of its threat detection. BlueVoyant looks at every participant in a customer’s supply chain and identifies any externally detectable, severe vulnerabilities that an attacker would see.

Aqua Security

Founded: 2015

Valuation: Over US$1 billion (March 2021)

Aqua Security offers a cloud-native application protection platform that spans the app development lifecycle, with capabilities for securing the build, infrastructure, and workload/runtime. The company acquired a startup in December, Argon, that adds a solution for securing the software supply chain to the platform. It is one of the best cybersecurity unicorns spearheading digital protection.


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